8mm Yak Bone Beads


Natural bone beads handstrung on silk cord and closed with an adjustable macrame knot. These beads are harvested from domestic yak, which is a species of long-haired cattle found throughout the Himalayans. They are used in Tibet as pack animals and for their milk, meat and hide. And bones!

Yak are an important and necessary part of the nomadic culture of Tibet. They are highly cherished by the Tibetan people and they value the gifts that they provide in life and death. Yak bone jewelry is worn as a reminder that life is impermanent and to cherish it fully. As it is difficult for the Tibetan people to trade with other countries, Tibetan people that live in Nepal facilitate this process. That is why you see Tibetan products coming from Nepal. Purchases of Tibetan products do benefit all the people involved in this process.

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