Ammolite Treasure


Ammolites are not your every day common gemstone, in fact many people have never heard of it. However, the Blackfoot tribe of Montana attribute it with high value. It is used as a protective amulet and for healing. In other cultures, Feng Shui practitioners also hold it in high esteem. Since ammolites are fossilized ammonites (sea mollusks) that have been trapped in the earth for millions of years, they have absorbed a significant amount of qi, or ch'i, the life force energy flow of any living being. This life force energy is essential to good health in the body and balance in the universe.

That's alot to consider. In any case, it is a wonderful and interesting rare biogenic gemstone. This pendant has a brilliant emerald and red color, smooth texture and a wonderful reptile appearance. Please see below for a size reference.

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