Authentic Roman Coin


Licinius I, Flavius Galerius Valerius Licinianus Licinius, the Augustus of the western half of the Roman empire, 308-324 A.D. Rumor has it that he co-emperored with Galerius, until Constantine I had him murdered, and then took the entire empire for himself. Licinius, along with Constantine I, is credited with authoring the 'Edict of Milan' which granted religious tolerance to Christians in the Roman Empire.

Coins of this period often featured the reigning emperor on one side and a religious diety on the other. Along with Licinius, this coin depicts Jupiter standing with an eagle at his feet. Jupiter was the chief diety of the Roman state religion - he was the king of the gods.

This coin is set in sterling silver and has been approved by a professional numismatist who specializes in Roman coinage. Please see below for a size reference.

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