Authentic Roman Coin


From 27 B.C. to 476 A.D. the Roman Empire covered all of England and Wales, most of Europe, coastal northern Africa, Egypt, the Balkans, the Black Sea, Asia Minor, and most of the Middle East! The empire was so vast it had to be divided into a Western and an Eastern Empire, with seperate rulers for each.This coin depicts Caracalla, joint 22nd Emperor from 198 - 217 A.D. He initially reigned with his father, Severus, until his father's death in 211. Then he ruled jointly with his brother, Geta, until he ordered his death later that year. Caracalla is remembered as a tyrannical leader, and his reign is marked with domestic instablilty and external invasions.

This coin has a full sterling silver bezel with a coil design and sturdy bail. Please see below for a size reference.

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