Baule Goli Sun and Moon Twin Mask Ivory Coast


Wooden carved round flat masks with horns are one of the masks used in the Baule Goli spirit dance. This dance was performed on the occasions of new harvests, dignitary visits, or at funerals. They were meant to be joyous celebrations that lasted entire days and involved the whole village. The Goli ritual involves performances with masks, music played on special instruments, and the consummation of copious amounts of palm wine!

This double mask represents the marriage of the sun and moon which is used to celebrate peace and joy. The Goli masquerading tradition has a positive influence on the village.

This rare wooden mask is at least 40 years old and in very good condition with a smooth, worn patina. Though there is a rather large crack at the bottom, this does not distract from its natural beauty or the integrity of the carving. Overall length is almost 11 inches, it is 9 inches across and 5.5 inches deep.

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