Baule Kple Kple Mask for Goli Ritual Ivory Coast


Wooden carved round flat masks with horns are one of the masks used in the Baule Goli spirit dance. This dance was performed on the occasions of new harvests, dignitary visits, or at funerals. They were meant to be joyous celebrations that lasted entire days and involved the whole village. The Goli ritual involves performances of four pairs of masks, music played on special instruments, and the consummation of copious amounts of palm wine!

This Goli mask is the Kple kple, representing a minor spirit associated with the junior ranks of males. It is worn by a young adolescent male that performs prior to the more important masks. It is a simple, undecorated carving in keeping with the wearers' low status. They perform an easy, rapid stamping dance. The Kple kple are considered mischievous, as they may chase the young women around the village when goaded or inspired.

This mask is at least 40 years old. It's surface has a smooth, well-handled patina. Overall length is 15 inches, its width is 8.25 inches and it is 4 inches deep. This mask would be a wonderful addition to any collection, or a great choice for the interested buyer.

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