Bobo Miniature Plank Mask from Burkina Faso


This small, geometrical handcarved wooden plank mask is a miniature of those used in ceremonies by the Bobo people of Burkina Faso. The larger masks used in dances and processions are 4 foot tall, are worn with leaf and fiber costumes and make a provocative display. Planks masks are used by the Bobo in rituals to ensure the fertility of their fields and to celebrate their young boys initiation into adulthood. A miniature mask, such as this, is used as a personal talisman or hung in the home for protection.

Bobo people are dependant on and profoundly in touch with the natural world. Their masks display this connection. This mask has a stylized antelope at the bottom and an intricate carved plank top.

This lightweight carving is just over 15 inches long, 2 inches wide and 2 inches deep. It would add beauty and texture to any home.

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