Buddha Head Lapis Lazuli Stonecarving India


Truly exquisite lapis stonecarving - the beauty of the lapis is a work of art in itself. Lapis is a deep blue metamorphic rock prized for its intense color. As displayed in this powerful carving, the best pieces have streaks of white calcite and metallic pyrite. Used for centuries for jewelry and decoration, it was also ground into powder to create ultramarine, one of the finest and most expensive blue pigments used by many important classical artists.

This serenely meditative Buddha head is a spiritual symbol of peace of mind and tranquil energy. It provides inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace. He stands 6.25 inches high, 4 inches across. Its base is 2.5 inches across.

Note: Due to the size of this carving, shipping price will be less than indicated on your order. We will notify you with actual shipping costs.

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