Ceramic Meditation Witness Buddha Pure Serenity


This soft iridescent blue buddha is the essence of calmness and serenity. At 6 inches tall, 4.63 inches wide, and 2.38 inches deep, this sweet, luminous buddha will grace any room.

As quoted from LionsRoar.com: In times of doubt, disbelief, and insecurity, the practice of bearing witness can be an important aspect of our awareness and presence.
Bearing witness can be defined as acknowledging that something exists or is true. From a Buddhist perspective, to bear witness is to embrace both the joy and the suffering we encounter. Rather than simply observing the situation, we become the situation. We become intimate with whatever it is - hunger, poverty, discrimination, disease, or death. Bearing witness invokes a sense of interconnectedness, a direct realization of the wholeness of life.

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