Christ of the Caribbean


In the 1950's, a lovely tract of land above Denis Bay on the north shore of St. John was donated to the Virgin Islands National Park. On the grounds were ruins from an 18th century sugar plantation, primarily a windmill. In the deed to the Park, the area was named Peace Hill, 'where people could enjoy the great beauty and quiet,' to find inner peace, 'in the hope... this might contribute to world peace.' The owners had constructed a statue of Christ that overlooked the islands and water of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this beloved landmark was destroyed in 1995 Hurricane Marilyn.

In its day, jewelry of this stylized Christ was very popular and abundant. As time goes by, demand for this kind of jewelry has subsided. We, however, feel very lucky to have one! This pendant is solid 14k gold and is handcrafted by local artist Tom Krall. A very special remembrance of softer, gentler times.

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