Ethiopian Handmade Wooden Tubular Icon


Ethiopia has an age old tradition of creating richly hued biblical paintings on carved wood with complex fold out pieces joined by bits of thread or leather. Sometimes they are made into little panels that fold onto each other, or panels with little carved doors, or like this example, a stand alone tube within a tubular box. Incredibly inventive and supremely colored. Their purpose is to describe the drama of the gospels.

Usually there is a particular biblical theme, like Mary and the child Jesus, St. George slaying the Dragon, guardian angels or Jesus and his disciples. It is believed this practice originated to be used as illustrated bibles by traveling priests sharing Christianity.

This fascinating icon has four opening doors revealing what seems to depict stages in the life of Jesus. Each outside panel is carved showing an ornate Ethiopian cross. It is in excellent condition except for some dulling of the orginal patina of the wood. It stands 8 inches tall and has a diameter of 2.5 inches.

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