Ewe Tribe, Togo Venavi Carved Doll for Protection


This handcarved wooden doll is an important part of the culture of the Ewe People of Togo and Ghana, West Africa. Small dolls like this, known as venavi, are fabricated for the protection of the survivor after the death of a twin. The Ewe of Togo greatly honor their twins, and so they create vicarious sculptures in tribute. The dolls are placed in a shrine and treated with great respect. The women would take care of them, feed them, wash and cuddle them.

Standing 7.5 inches tall, arms spread is about 2.75 inches wide, her depth is almost 1.5 inches. She is carved in classic venavi style of light colored kapok wood, standing emphatically upright with separated arms that point straight down. The dolls are mostly monochrome with a dark headress. The beads imply a certain family social status. She is lightweight and beautifully carved with a smooth silky feel. An authentic, and important tribal sculpture.

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