Jizo Monk, Guardian of Mothers and Children


The Jizo monk is a Japanese Buddhist Bodhisattva who has achieved enlightment but remains to help others in this life. He has taken on a special significance as the guardian of children, especially those that did not live. He is a part of the mourning ceremony known as Mizuko Kuyo where greiving parents adorn Jizo with child accessories like bibs, caps and toys. These Jizo are a common site in cemetaries, and one is likely to see them anywhere around Japan.

This prayerful Jizo is 4.5 inches tall on a base of 1.5 inch by 1.75 inch. He has a good substantial weight as Jizo are made from stone, or like this one, a polystone. This is a dense compound of resin and powdered stone that stands up to the harshest elements and still looks great. May this gentle fellow bring comfort and peace to you or someone you know.

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