Linda Layden Handmade Scrimshaw Collectors Knife


Very unique design for traditional scrimshaw - usually the focus is on the ship or on the whale. This central theme is the majestic rolling waves and dazzling sunrise. And of course their is a magnificently detailed sailing ship!

Scrimshaw is an art form that began in the early 1800's as whalers started engraving whale's teeth and bone to occupy the long hours spent at sea. The design is created by carving on the tooth or bone, spreading a generous amount of squid or India ink on the surface. After 10 or 15 seconds, use a rag to wipe the ink off of the surface. The carving will be filled with the contrasting color to make the design appear.

This one of a kind knife is carved on bone. The overall length of knife when open is 6.5 inches. The stainless steel blade is 3 inches. When closed the knife measures 3.5 inches. Note: Due to the size of this knife, actual shipping charges will be less than indicated on your order.

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