Marka N'Tomo Ceremonial Initiation Mask


The Marka Bamana are part of the Soninke peoples of Mali, Africa, who trace their ancestors to the Ghana Empire of the 9th century AD. Their masks are distinguished by their extensive use of bronze or copper sheeting that is patterned with intricate designs. These designs reflect the scarification of a Marka hunter.

Long ago these masks were thought to be extremely powerful and able to frighten evil spirits and cure illnesses. They were used in ceremonies to invoke the spirits to grant abundant harvests and successful hunting and fishing seasons.

In present time, because most Marka Bamana have converted to Islam, the mask is now only danced once a year on the Islamic feast day as a reminder of their animistic traditions.

This mask is an incredible work of art. It is handcarved of solid wood measuring 22 inches long, is 13 inches across, and 9 inches deep. It has superb detailing in the hammered bronze and inlaid cowrie shells. This mask retails for $546.00, however do to some decorative flaws it is being offered at $525.00.

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