Marka Wooden Ceremonial Mask from Mali Africa


Very special, uncommon Marka mask with extensive metal etching and carvings, and cloth details and tassels. The Marka are famous for their masks and puppets. They dress their masks in gaily-colored costumes made of cloth and parade them in pairs. These elongated masks were predominately used by tribes to appeal to higher powers to promote bountiful harvests and work ethics.

Marka masks are often carved with horns, combs and crest super structures. The image of the antelope or its horns are an important motif, as according to their mythology, the Marka were taught to farm by the antelope. These masks were used in initiation ceremonies and farming and fishing rituals.

This exquisite hand carved wooden mask is in excellent condition. It is 26 inches long, 9 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Its exceptional details and serene countenance would grace any home.

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