Most Revered Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles


This small, but detailed Ganesha is perfect for a shrine or altar, or would grace any area in which it was placed. This perfectly polished stone of natural Lapis lazuli has intrinsic shine and luster.

In this seated position, Ganesha is ready to hear petitions for his help and to listen to prayers and blessings. Known as the Remover of Obstacles, he is also considered the God of Wisdom, Wealth, Education and Fine Arts. That is why an elephant portrays him - he has the power and strength to accept all of these responsibilities.

This wonderful carving stands 4.25 inches tall, his width across is 2.5 inches, and he is 1.25 inches deep. A small, yet significant treasure. He sits spendidly in the cup of ones hands. Note: Due to the size of this carving, shipping price will be less than indicated on your order.

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