Naga Kanya Benevolent Goddess Iron Door Handle


Beautifully crafted wrought iron door handle depicting the Naga Kanya, snake of the rainbow, guardian of treasures, benevolent goddess. The Naga Kanya are said to protect all mystical teachings, and are considered necessary companions to various dieties. It is believed they can have beneficial, or neutral, or hostile influences on human beings. They can be seen as symbols of purification, and invoked to neutralize imbalance.

Mostly, she is considered a loving spiritual ally in Hindu traditions of India, Nepal and China. She is depicted as having the body of a serpent, the torso of a woman, a crown of cobras, and bird wings. This beautiful metalwork is quite heavy, it weighs over 3 pounds. It's length is 12 inches, is width is 3.5 inches, and is 3 inches deep. It can be used as a door handle or a wall hanging. Handmade in Nepal.

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