Protective Hunting Charm Ramu River, PNG


This unique carving is a protective amulet carried by men to aid them when hunting. It is carried in the canoe or in a vine woven bag worn around one's neck. Carved from limbum wood, painted with handmade natural dyes and trimmed with cassowary feathers. This carving is also known as a Kore spirit, which is an ancestral figure that is kept for protection and good luck in hunting. It is interpreted as half human and half bird or eagle.

Most sculptures created in Papua New Guinea are made from wood. New Guineans are famous for their knowledge of trees and their carving traditions are highly developed. They believe the spirit of the tree is often transferred to the sculpture created. This solid wood carving is 8 inches tall, 13 inches including feathers! The distance between his feet is 2 inches and he is attached to a metal stand that is 3 x 2 inches. He is 3 inches deep. Due to the size of this carving, shipping will be less than indicated on the website.

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