Saraswati Goddess of Knowledge Art and Music


This beautiful and serene goddess is Saraswati, the beloved Hindu goddess of wisdom and knowledge. She is said to transcend the desires of the flesh and rejoice in the powers of the mind as the patron of pure wisdom.

Saraswati is one of the most revered and treasured dieties in India and in Hinduism. 'She is the river of consciousness that enlivens creation; she is the dawn-goddess whose rays dispel the darkness of ignorance. Without her there is only chaos and confusion. To realize her one must go beyond the pleasures of the senses and rejoice in the serenity of the spirit.' (taken from Lotus Sculpture)

This 6 inch high statue is cold cast in quality bronze. This technique originated from Britain and is a complicated process of mixing bronze powder with high quality designer resin giving a rich life-like finish. Enhanced with careful details and very subtle handpainted tones. A pleasing representation of a much loved diety.

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