Wonderful World of Kofi Awudu Lost Wax Bronze


This elegant, bronze, African lady was created by Burkina Faso artist, Kofi Awudu. This artist broadcasts his deep love for his culture and his people. From her strong, regal posture to her graceful steps, we can tell the artist has great respect and admiration for the women of his country. He paints them as hardworking, industrious and majestic.

Kofi produces his art at the National Center of Craft Industry and Art in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. This is a government supported center that promotes local artists. The arts and crafts industry employs millions of people in Africa. It is a very important part of their economy and their livelihood.

This comely lady stands 6 inches high and it stands on a round base with a diameter of almost 2 inches. Note: due to the size of this item, actual shipping charges will be less than indicated on you order.

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