Wonderful World of Kofi Awudu Lost Wax Bronze


You can just feel and see the complete and absolute joy emanating from this dancing woman. It is hard to believe that such freedom and pleasure can emit from a cold, cast bronze figurine, but there you have it! Created by Kofi Awudu at the National Center of Craft Industry and Art in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. The government helps to support this center and to promote local artists that contribute a substantial amount to their economy.

Kofi creates each one of a kind statue by collecting scrap metal, melting it and pouring this into molds he creates by forming beeswax that is covered in clay. Each mold has to be broken to retrieve the treasure inside!

This blissful lady stands 5.75 inches high and pivots on a round base with a diameter of almost 2 inches. Note: due to the size of this item, actual shipping charges will be less than indicated on you order.

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