Wonderful World of Kofi Awudu Lost Wax Bronze


Comfort and joy. What a lovely circle of heaven! To be safe and secure in loving arms, and reading a book! What every child should have is the dream of every society and culture around the world.

This handmade cast bronze is created by Burkina Faso artist Kofi Awudu. Each casting produces just one statue. He first carves his form in beeswax, covers this with clay, then pours bronze into this mold. He actually has to break the mold to get the figurine out. Literally - one of a kind!

Kofi Awudu's mission is to encourage African women to learn to read, and then to teach their children. This delightful figurine is made to sit on the edge of a box or a shelf. It has perfect balance! Total length is 4 inches, overall depth is just over 2 inches. Seated width is 1.5 inch. Note: due to the size of this item, actual shipping charges will be less than indicated on you order.

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