Ancient Viking Arrowhead


This Viking arrowhead is a captivating pendant crafted with a sterling silver cap with bail. It is literally a piece of history, a handmade relic that has survived over 1000 years. Discovered on glaciers in Norway, settlements in Ireland, and in excavated graves in Sweden, these fascinating findings have renewed an interest in the forging techniques and the Viking culture that have withstood the test of time.

Vikings were seafaring people originally from Scandinavia during the late 8th to the late 11th centuries. They were expert sailors and navigators, farmers and fisherman, craftsmen and merchants, warriors and traders. They voyaged all over the world during the Viking Age, conquering areas basically by raiding and pirating, then set up Norse settlements and governments. They spread Norse culture wherever they settled and followed the Old Norse religion. By 1066, Scandinavian kingdoms had become Christian and the culture was absorbed into the culture of Christian Europe. There are still to this day many lasting incredible works of art and architecture attributed to Viking culture. Also, advancements in shipbuilding and navigation, especially the trade routes the Vikings create, that many cultures have utilized for a long time.

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