Tibetan Prayer Beads


Attractive mix of rosewood and bone beads. The bone beads are yak bone inlaid with pieces of Tibetan turquoise and mountain coral. Set off with silver spacers and finished with a silk cord tassel. This mala is distinguished and hauntingly beautiful. It is a traditional 108 bead prayer mala handmade in Nepal by Tibetan craftsman.

Mountain people from Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Thailand use yak as an important and necessary part of their culture. Yak bone jewelry is only made when a Yak dies from natural causes. This is thought to help maintain the spiritual virtue of an animal that provides for its people, even in death. They are highly cherished by rural people and they value the gifts that they provide in life and death.

This mala is 30 inches long above the tassel. Please see below for a size reference.

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